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The Warrior Podcast

Aug 1, 2019

In this month's episode we hear from a woman who knows all too well how stress can adversely affect how you behave - but it's what she did next that she came onto the podcast to talk about.

Jo Howarth is all about the happiness. Listen in to find out why...

Her website is here:


Jul 1, 2019

In this episode, Martin talks to Pete Morgan about the unseen side of being a stroke survivor, and the wider world of being a disabled person.

The website mentioned in the episode is

The Warrior Podcast is here to raise awareness of stroke among working-age people, from the viewpoint of someone whose...

Jun 1, 2019

In this episode, Martin hears from Sophie Stewart, a former NHS nurse who suffered a stroke, but who now sees is as a positive experience, talking about it in her blog.

This is an incredible conversation that is well worth a few moments of your time.


Sophie's blog can be found at:-

May 3, 2019

In this episode, Martin, along with Pete Morgan, speaks to the incredible Claire Russell.

Her story really does need to be heard to be believed.

A stroke in her teens, the real chance of being brain dead, a month in a coma.

Hear how she dealt with that, how the stroke affected her - and how she uses the challenges that...

Apr 1, 2019

A few years ago, Mark Goodier had a stroke. Like all stroke survivors, it has changed his life and made him re-evaluate his work/life balance.

In this episode, he talks to Martin - and Pete Morgan - about his stroke story, the lasting effect on him, how he fought back - and he tells us about his own podcast - Stroke...